4D Ministry Internship

What is it?

The internship is a leadership development pathway where emerging leaders of all ages can grow their discipleship, stretch their leadership, explore their spirituality and live out an adventurous faith.

How does it work?

Participants will take on new leadership opportunities, meet with a mentor, work alongside a ministry coach, and practice spiritual rhythms. Each month the participants will gather together to learn from experienced practitioners and thought leaders in engaging modules. To finish the internship, participants will need to complete ten 6hr modules, starting with module 1 and finishing with module 10 with flexibility in between.

Who can do it?

The internship is designed for people who are wanting to take next steps in their discipleship and leadership journey. It is open to women and men of all ages from Baptist Churches across SA & NT. The course is modular so if your circumstances change you can hit pause and come back later to finish the internship.

Who should I speak to?

Have a conversation with your pastor, youth leader, mentor, parents and anyone else in your life who loves Jesus and can help you figure out your next steps.

Find out more.

To find out more, contact Elliot Keane, Leadership Development Facilitator on 0408180284 or email ekeane@sabaptist.asn.au .