4D Ministry Networks

4D logo4D Networks equip and encourage ministry leaders by bringing people together to share, collaborate and learn.

People have always gathered in groups to discuss ways to learn, improve, or address issues, problems or situations. Such groups are known as “communities of practice”. You may already be a member of a group like this at work, church, school, at home or in our hobbies. Some have a name, some don’t. People can be core members of some and belong loosely to others.

Each 4D Network is a Communities of Practice which:
1. has a shared area of interest (such as Children’s Ministry)
2. builds community to enable interaction (through discussions, collaborative activities and relationship building) and
3. has common practices, experiences, tools and ways of addressing recurring problems.

Through participation in a 4D Network, members are supported and grow in their skills and ministry practice.

The BCSA 4D Networks are autonomous, self-organizing, and operate with varying degrees of formality according to the needs of the members. Members may enter and leave a 4D Network at any time and they only remain active as long as the members benefit from participation and there is a need for a Network in that ministry area.

Currently Active 4D Networks

Pastors Networks by region
Administration & Finance – contact Glenn Dixon gdixon@sabaptist.asn.au
Children’s Ministry
Youth Pastors
Youth Leaders
Young Adults – contact Scott Berry scottbobberry@gmail.com
Small Groups Ministry – contact Jason Hoet jason.hoet@bhbc.org.au
Worship Ministry – contact Dan Beasy danielbeasy@hotmail.com
Church Planting – contact Andrew Turner aturner@sabaptist.asn.au