4D Conference 2018

Disciple-making leadership – Spiritual leadership – Cross-cultural leadership – Servant leadership – Missional leadership

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May 19 2018
Edwardstown Baptist Church (Cnr Rothesay Ave and Dorene St, St Marys SA)

9am – 4pm
Check in from 8:30am

Graham HillAt 4D this year we’ll explore together what God is doing globally in church and mission, and invigorate our own churches as we learn from each other. We’re very pleased to introduce Graham Hill (Morling College, NSW) as our keynote speaker.

Graham is the Director of the Centre for Leadership Studies and the Coordinator of Postgraduate Coursework degrees at Morling College, Sydney. He is the author of several books including Global Church: Reshaping Our Conversations, Renewing Our Mission, Revitalizing Our Churches. Graham is also the creator of The Global Church Project podcast featuring interviews with leaders from across the world

Earlybird [pay before April 12] $50
Standard [pay before May 14] $55
Group of 5+ $50 per person


In our electives we will gather to hear from practitioners and thought leaders in a variety of key leadership areas. Our electives are a great opportunity to sharpen your leadership skills and challenge your practice.

You will be able to choose one of the following:




Leading Team Culture
with Michelle Stevens and Mike Stevens

Everyone dreams of having a healthy ministry team culture, but in reality, not everyone gets it. There are so many competing factors in making this dream become a reality. This elective will focus on growing and sustaining a healthy team culture by looking at both current research and best practice. If you lead a team or have aspirations to into the future, this elective is for you.


Leading into missional community engagement
with Lesley Maxwell and Elliot Keane
What does it look like to lead ourselves into our neighbourhoods? What does it look like to lead a church into its neighbourhood? How do we lead alongside our neighbourhood? How do we express our passion for Jesus within our neighbourhoods? Come and hear stories from Whyalla and the inner Western neighbourhoods of Adelaide from Lesley who is one of South Australia’s leading community engagement practitioners and some other guy.

Leading through crisis
with Carl Collins and Mike Mills
In this session, we will look at what it means “in those moments” to lead within your particular context and framework – what to and what not to do.

Leading with the Word
with Tim Patrick
In John 21:15–17, Jesus directs Peter to ‘Feed my sheep’; a way of saying, ‘teach my followers the Word of God’ (see Luke 4:4 / Deuteronomy 8:3). We learn in Ephesians 4:11–16 that Jesus has given ministers of the Word to equip the saints for ministry and to build up the body of Christ into full maturity. And then, in Titus 1:9 and 1 Timothy 3:2, we see that Christian leaders must have a firm grasp of the Word and must be able to teach it. The point is simply that leading with the Word is a not-negotiable essential of faithful biblical leadership. In this elective, we will consider both what it means to lead with the Word, and some of the practicalities of having a Word-centred leadership.

Leading intergenerationally
with Andrew McDonough
Why do we send kids out of church on Sunday? If the body of Christ is made up of people of different ages shouldn’t it be possible to gather everyone together to build one-another up and worship God? In fact, can we be church unless we regularly meet across the generations? If you wonder about these issues you’re not alone. Churches around the world are becoming increasingly uneasy about solely dividing their congregations into single generation groups. The research shows it is bad for our kid’s faith formation, scripture doesn’t support it and an increasing number of parents long to worship with their children. The good news is, and yes it is good news, no one has come up with a fool-proof recipe for successful intergenerational church. Hooray! Instead lots of churches, including our own are exploring and experimenting with ways of gathering together across the generations as the people of God. This workshop is for preachers who’d like to engage 6,16 and 70 year old with a single sermon. Song leaders who desire that people of every age enter into the congregational singing and worship leaders that want children, teens and adults to commune with God as we pray. If you’re a children’s worker, youth leader, kid or teenager please come to this workshop, we need your intergenerational expertise.

Leading with Indigenous Australia
with Stewart Bogle
For over two centuries, countless stories of the injustice faced by Indigenous Australians have gone unheard. This has left a painful mark on our present: we see it in the gap in quality of life between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. Australia is not “the lucky country” for everyone. The church has played a prominent role in the shared history of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people in this country. Some of it has been positive and needs to be acknowledged while at times it has been part of a painful history that’s created angst and tension for Indigenous Australians. We have the opportunity to think about how we can do things differently and be part of a better future. Come and listen to Stewart Bogle, Executive Director of Australians Together as he shares what he’s learnt from Indigenous leaders. He’ll outline the model he lives by – to lead with and not over or on behalf of Indigenous people – and help us to consider how the church can be part of building a brighter future for all Australians.

Leading in the Spirit
with Steve WoodsSteve Woods
We know the Scriptures tell us to be, “led by the Spirit,” so it makes sense that to be spiritual leaders, we need to learn how to be led. But in an increasingly busy world, how do we learn to listen to what God is saying? How do we hear God’s voice in the midst of so many competing voices? And once we have heard, how do we put it into action?  This session will explore some simple practices for listening and discerning that will help you lead with confidence.



In our workshops we will gather in Communities of Practice. Experienced facilitators will guide a conversation about Identifying and Developing Leaders. This will be at time to share what’s working and what is not, ask questions and learn together with others who lead in similar ministry areas.

You will be able to choose one of the following:

Children’s ministry

Youth and young adults


Governance, administration, finance

Mission and community engagement

Pastoral care

Prayer/Spiritual formation

Preaching/Teaching the Word

Small Groups


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