Assembly Board

The Assembly Board’s role is to ensure that Baptist Churches of South Australia’s ministry is done in accordance with its Values, Mission, Purpose, and Strategic Goals. The Board establishes and oversees the organisation’s governing policies and seeks to do so with strategic vision, a future perspective, and an appreciation for diverse viewpoints. The Board is committed to biblical, ethical, lawful, and best practice conduct.
The Board is made up of people who are members of local Baptist churches and have experience and expertise in the mission and operation of the churches, leadership, finance, business, law and human resources. The Board is committed to the continual development of its members and their collective work.
Individual members of the Board commit themselves to serving Baptist Churches of South Australia diligently, fairly, honestly and loyally. They seek to prayerfully discern what is best for our family of churches as a whole.

Officers of the Association

Jason_Hoet Rev Jason Hoet
 Mark Foley Rev Mark Foley
Philip Beck Mr Philip Beck
Immediate Past President
Rev Mike Mills
State Executive Minister

Assembly Board

Elected Members:
Mr John Medlin, Mr James Whalland, Pastor Daniel Gardiner,
Dr Karen Walker, Ms Elizabeth Moncrieff-Philp, Ms Gaynor Johnson,
Rev Dr Tony Ling

Ex Officio Members:
President (Chair) Rev Jason Hoet, Vice-President Rev Mark Foley, Immediate Past President Mr Philip Beck,
State Executive Minister Rev Mike Mills

Assembly Board Committees

Assets Management Committee

John Medlin (Chair), Daniel Gardiner, Mike Mills

Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee

James Whalland (Chair), Daniel Gardiner, Mike Mills

Nomination & Remuneration Committee

Jason Hoet (Chair), Karen Walker, Mike Mills

Accreditation & Ordination Committee

Gaynor Johnson (Chair), Malcolm Eberhard, Tricia Bishop, Colin Rolfs, Jason Hoet, Luke Hutchinson, Karen Walker, Tony Ling, Melinda Cousins, Mike Mills

Moderating Committee

Mike Mills (Chair), David Smith, Andrew Turner, Mark Foley, Russell Bartlett