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Search for the Director of Ministries

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Introduction to the role of Director of Ministries

After widespread consultation across our member churches and church leadership earlier this year (online surveys, open group meetings at three suburban locations and several individual conversations ) the Board prayerfully and with careful deliberation developed a position description for the Director of Ministries (DOM)  of BCSA.

The Board altered the title of the role from State Executive Minister (SEM) to Director of Ministries to align it more closely with equivalent positions in other states of Australia. As Director of Ministries of BCSA the role will be more easily recognised by the associations of the other states. It also clearly indicates the breadth of the role within the association of churches in the state.

The role is a significant position of influence among our church leadership. The state office team is key to equipping, supporting and encouraging our members and wise leadership of this team is a fundamental feature of the DOM role.

Position Description

The DOM position description is substantially the same as the current SEM position description with some minor alterations. The changes reflect the Board’s prayerful consideration of the information heard during our period of consultation across our churches.

This position description has been accepted by Assembly.

Download the Position Description


At its April meeting the Board reviewed the practicality of the initial search timeline adopted at the 2019 November Assembly. Several factors informed the discussion, including our recognition that this season of pandemic is a time for stability rather than change and that we want to do the transition well. We were mindful that those most likely to consider applying are themselves in the midst of demanding times on their leadership in our churches.  The revised intention of Board is to bring a name to the 2021 May Assembly or a single purpose Special Assembly if appropriate.

Mike Mills has generously offered to continue in his present role as SEM beyond the December 2020 timeframe of his current tenure. This allows Board time to conduct a search that is mindful of the factors outlined above and complies with the current physical distancing requirements. Whilst Board is keen that the process not entirely stop but of necessity be slowed down, it was agreed that Mike’s continued presence in his role provides the stability and confidence required of organisations during uncertain times. We are grateful the recent May Assembly voted in support of the motion that Mike continue in the SEM role for up to 6 months beyond the ending of his current tenure.  

Search Process

The DOM Search process is now at the stage of calling for Expressions of Interest. The Moderation process of the Baptist Churches of SA has been adopted by the Board and has informed the formation of the Working Party and the DOM Search Team.

The final recommendation to the Assembly will come from the BCSA Board. A sub-group of current Board members comprises the Working Party and consists of Karen Walker, Gaynor Johnson and John Medlin.

A group of individuals invited from within our churches will be involved in the interview and discernment process. Individuals in this DOM Search Team were carefully considered by the Board and the group includes a cross-section of ages, ministry leadership experience and women and men from within our association of churches. The Search Team Chairperson is Karen Walker, and Gaynor Johnson who is another Board member is also on the team. The names of the other DOM Search Team members will be provided at the end of the call for EOI’s period.

Further updates around the search process will be provided in the coming months as momentum is gained.

Your prayerful encouragement is valued as steps are taken and energy is given by the Board, the Working Party and the Search Team. We all seek to discern wisely, unhurriedly trusting in God’s purposes.

Karen Walker

BCSA Chair