Resources for your church

There is no doubt that Easter is a busy time of year for our churches, and the pressure of running more services and making them bigger and better than ever can be quite overwhelming.

Here are a few resources our team has recommended to help ease the Easter stress. 

Our team’s


Crossover recommends

Easter Art Video

Art expresses – and speaks to – human longing at a deep level. Karl Faase tells the story of one particular piece, what happened when it toured Australia and the profound message behind its impact.

Andrew recommends

Sermon Series

GREATEST. NEWS. EVER. is a free, adaptable Easter series that includes outlines for Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday sermons, and artwork for slide templates, social media and print promotion.

Ruth Recommends

The Ultimate Easter Kit for Churches

The Ultimate Easter Kit is a great resource if you want to have a big impact this Easter. This is a free resource from Church Marketing University that will coach you through the steps you need to take to think through the marketing side of Easter – from your theme, to how to invite people, to done-for-you graphics. 

Ruth Recommends

The Ultimate Easter Kit for Churches

Next Gen Recommendations

Intergenerational Programs and Families

A resource hub curated by Moreton Rivers Presbytery, full of resources for families and intergenerational ministry. Think Pancake Party resources for Shrove Tuesday, service outlines for Good Friday, and Lent ‘Adventure Packs’. 

Intergenerational Programs and Families

From the Bible Society

Jesus All About Life

Jesus All About Life offers free digital resources to encourage individuals and churches to reach their communities with the good news.

From the Baptist Union of Victoria

Sermon Starters/Small Group Studies

The Baptist Union of Victoria has created an Easter series this year based on the theme ‘Love Beyond Measure’. We’ve linked you to part 1 so to check the series out you’ll need to scroll down to the bottom of the page, but the content is great if you’re needing a bit of sermon inspo!