Formational Children’s Ministry

By on May 14, 2014

by Ivy Beckwith
~$12 on Amazon (hard copy)

Beckwith’s latest book explores how our ministries are assisting kids to live as citizens of the kingdom of God. If you sometimes wonder if we’re more concerned with entertaining children than transforming their lives, you’ll be pleased to discover that you’re not the only one.

This book could give you fuel for talking with others about how to intentionally equip the kids in your church to know God and live as a Jesus follower.

Here’s just a taste:

‘The New Testament is full of stories of people literally dropping everything to follow Jesus. And the history of the church is full of the same kind of stories of people being compelled to give up wealth, careers, and life, in order to work in and for the kingdom of God.

‘…what must it take to capture our children’s imaginations, and then their souls, through the hope and magnificent love of God’s kingdom? It takes people – mums, dads, Sunday school teachers, pastors, children’s directors and youth ministers who themselves have had their imaginations captured by the kingdom of God. It takes being intentional with story, ritual, and relationships at home, in the faith community and in worship with children. And it takes the power of these elements to inspire and form children into adults who not only desire to live in the way of Jesus but who daily make choices to live that way.’