Kyle & Shirley

Kyle and Shirley serve in South East Asia.

Kyle and ShirleyKyle and Shirley desire to make a difference through their life and work. Kyle is an environmental specialist who is starting a recycling and biogas business with city waste. Shirley is an English teacher who also sells compost made from green waste.

Where Kyle and Shirley live in South East Asia, business is often corrupt, so starting a business with Kingdom morals is challenging. They are encouraging locals to join the company or start their own operation and following Jesus in life and work. Three cities are involved with others waiting to sign-up compost or recycling systems.

Shirley has been making friends quickly with the garden shopkeepers where she sells the organic compost fertiliser. They have ten members of staff learning the “clean and green” business model.

As this is a new business, financial support is needed. You can invest as a small shareholder or give towards their living costs. Please also support them in prayer.