Dema & Carolyn

Dema and Carolyn, Grace and Daniel are serving in Thailand.

Dema and Carolyn 2012Dema and Carolyn and their children are from Mizoram, India. They have two children (Grace and Daniel) whom they home school.

They served in Central Asia from 2001-2004 with Global Interaction. Now they are working in Thailand focusing on sharing the message of Jesus with the Ethnic Thai people.

Dema works as an English teacher at the local school and this role gives him a significant identity in the community on which he can build relationships. Carolyn spends her time visiting older people and kids with disabilities. They participate as a family in many local community events.

Recently the Ethnic Thai team started hosting a new faith community in Ban Luang as well as supporting the group of believers in Ban Sra village. Dema and Carolyn preach, organise leadership training and teach local children.

They are passionate about developing leaders to take on the role of leading their faith communities in the local setting.