Marriage Celebrants

Marriage Celebrants Licenses
If you are interested in becoming a registered marriage celebrant under Baptist Churches of SA, please read our Marriage Celebrants Policy to understand what is involved and what determines your eligibility.

Guidelines for Marriage Celebrants
Australian Government Guidelines on the Marriage Act (1961)

Following the amendments to the Marriage Act (1961) legislated from 9 December 2017 there have been some changes that affect ‘Ministers of Religion’ recognised as authorised celebrants under the Baptist Union of Australia, a recognised denomination under the Act. It is essential that all such Baptist Ministers of Religion familiarise themselves with the new requirements – refer document below.

Amendment to the Marriage Act (December 2017)

Marriage Rites of the Baptist Union of Australia
ABM Marriage Rites

Marriage Celebrant Stationery
The new Form 15 Certificates of Marriage are to be obtained from the Department’s authorised supplier, CanPrint Communications.
Orders can be placed by:
Telephone (toll-free number): 1300 656 863     Fax: (02) 6293 8333
Mail:  CanPrint Communications
PO Box 7456, CANBERRA ACT 2601

Please note that marriage stationery can only be purchased by registered marriage celebrants.
Your marriage celebrant registration number must be quoted when purchasing marriage stationery.
Canprint Communications also supplies all other items of marriage stationery.