Youth Ministry Internships

Replaced by 4D Ministry Apprenticeship – Dec 2016

Discerning the shape of ministry

4D Ministry Internships equip people to discern their shape for effective gospel ministry now and the future. Our hope is that a number of people will discern God calling them into vocational gospel ministry through their ministry exposure, training and mentoring.


A 4D Ministry Internship includes:

  • Structured Ministry Experience,
  • ‘Lecture and peer-support’ program,
  • Supervision and mentoring.
  • The program structures Ministry Experience for clear ministry outcomes, supervision, mentoring, peer support, review processes, and complementary training.

Lecturers and Mentors are experienced practitioners with demonstrated knowledge and skills.

Internships are for:

  1. Volunteer Leaders: There is a minimum 8-10 hour/week ministry experience requirement for Interns. This means volunteer leaders can participate in the program and gain ministry support, training and experience. It is worth considering the program for those leaders who are significant contributors to your ministry or you suspect may be called into vocational ministry
  2. Vocational Discernment: The internship program provides opportunities for people to discern the kind of ministry God has shaped the Intern for.
  3. Ministry Staff Development: for ministry staff the Internship can provide structure for learning and support within a role. The suitability of this program will depend on the Staff member’s scope, training history, and experience.

Internships involve:

  • Commitment to the life and ministry of the Church;
  • minimum practical ministry of 8 -10 hours per week;
  • tasks to achieve the learning outcomes;
  • regular supervisory meetings;
  • monthly mentoring;
  • Over 12 months, 14 Lecture and peer-support sessions

Lecture Program

Over 14 sessions the Lecture and peer-support sessions cover:

  • Atonement
  • Bible Reading Program
  • Building teams
  • Develop a community of care
  • Discipling others
  • Kingdom of God
  • Ministry for the long haul
  • Ministry Reflection
  • Pastoral care and nurture
  • Public communication
  • Self Management
  • Sharing the Gospel
  • Spiritual formation
  • Strategic Ministry Practice

Key Outcomes

Internships develops Interns in six areas:

  1. Spiritual Formation and Personal Growth
  2. Leadership
  3. Ministry Competence
  4. Theological Development and Application
  5. Communication and Evangelism
  6. Strategic practice

The Internship program goes 12 months from Induction.

More Information?

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