Pastor Networks

It is demonstrated that regular meetings with a small group of pastors over a protracted period is significant in maintaining long term well being and can be vital in honing our skills in ministry.

The Networks seek to provide a context for this and as a result all people involved in ministry are encouraged to be a part of a network.

The Networks within BCSA vary enormously. Some are geographic, while others are ministry context.  All seek to meet 8-10 times a year for 1-2 hours and include some time in the Word, touching base to encourage and pray for one another and some time to consider a particular ministry ‘issue’.

Each Network has an appointed facilitator who arranges the gatherings and ensures it is significant.

Some of the options for Networks include

  • Rural Pastors
  • Local Geographic gatherings of pastors
  • Pastors with particular focus
  • Pastors of Large Churches (over 250)
  • Networks of people in specific ministry contexts (Youth, Children, Community Engagement, Pastoral Care etc)

For more information contact the Pastoral Services Facilitator: Rev Mark Foley  []