Child Protection and Professional Standards


The Office of Professional Standards for the Baptist Churches SA &NT operates under the absolute belief that Churches should be safe places where people of all ages not only feel safe, but as far as humanly possible are safe. The office of Professional Standards is responsible for the oversight of specialist child protection training, and the implementation of a wide range of child protection and professional standards strategies.

Carl Collins was appointed the Independent Director of Professional Standards for Baptist Churches SA &NT in May 2006. He is a former senior child protection investigator, team leader and CarlCPSPicdepartmental prosecutor with Protective Services Victoria. Carl later became the associate minister of the Marion Church of Christ-Adelaide.

Carl is also the Director of Child Protection Solutions (CPS), and has provided consultancy to churches, schools, colleges, welfare agencies and police forces throughout Australia, the Asia Pacific Region and UAE for over two decades.


Level 1. State Accredited Mandatory Notification Training incorporating Understanding & Responding to Child Abuse and Sexual Exploitation – “Making the Church Safe”(For pastors, key leaders and all child/youth personnel)

Level 2. Level 2 seminars can be taught as:
-A Child Protection -update/refresher training (for those who have completed level 1) Required every three years.
-A general information seminar to those who may not be required to undertake training, but are committed to the protection of children.


  • Child Sex Offender Awareness seminars – Focusing in the different types of child sex offenders and how they think, operate, groom and infiltrate
  • Person of Concern Policy training & consultancy
  • Person of Concern – Offender Profiling
  • Policy training and consultancy
  • Child Protection church health audits
  • Briefing and support sessions for all appointed church Child Protection Contact Officers
  • On tap resource to Pastors, key leaders and Child Protection Contact Officers
  • 24 hour – 7 day a week crisis response consultancy
  • The independent investigation of alleged breaches of ethical/professional standards
  • The ongoing review of Professional Standards policies and procedures.

Carl is available to provide organisations with additional training and seminars. For more information contact him on (08) 83571755 –