National Criminal History Record Check Procedure

A National Criminal History Record Check, often referred to as a ‘police check’, provides a national summary of an individual’s offender history. It is generally requested by organisations as one part of their process to ensure the integrity of their staff or volunteers.

The procedure for a free police check for Volunteers working with Vulnerable Groups is as follows – for Paid Staff or other Volunteers please scroll down and note changes to this process. The groups approved by the SA Police as vulnerable are:

  • children (up to the age of 17)
  • the disabled
  • the frail and aged (aged care facility, residential aged care, etc)


Click here for the Online Application Form – it is an editable PDF document. PLEASE ENSURE THAT ALL SECTIONS ARE COMPLETED, IN PARTICULAR PURPOSE OF CHECK MUST BE CLEARLY SPECIFIED. Recommended wording for the purpose include:

  • CHILDREN – Children’s worker (age group …), Kid’s club leader (age group …), Youth leader (age group …), Playgroup Worker, Creche Worker.
  • DISABLED – Disabled group worker
  • AGED – Frail aged care worker

Generic descriptions  such as “Employment”, “Work”, “Uni Placement”, “Mission Trip”, “Counselling”, “Seniors”, “Leader” will NOT be accepted for a free police check.

CATEGORY – Tick Box “Working with Children/Vulnerable Groups”
CHECK TYPE – Tick Box “VOAN Volunteer (VC)”
CONSENT SIGNED (Applicant Signature – page 2)
VOLUNTEER AUTHORITY (page 2) – Tick box VOAN (Volunteer Organisation Authorisation Number) BUT DO NOT FILL IN THIS SECTION – It can only be completed by the authorised person from the Baptist Churches of SA.


Once the online form is completed, print out the form and then attend a police station with the:


The Church representative will check the form has been completed correctly and that all identification documentation is attached to it.
Complete Memo (form enclosed with this procedure) OR a church “with compliments” slip will be accepted. (NOTE: by authorising the application with the VOAN number the Baptist Churches of SA are subject to audit by the SA Police)
Send memo (with compliments slip) application form & documentation to Baptist Churches of SA, PO Box 432, Unley 5061 for processing. Applicant can return the certified form and documentation to Baptist Churches but it must include the church authorisation form.


The Baptist Churches of SA will process the application by adding the VOAN number and sending it to the Police Records Unit. Once processed the Certificate will be returned directly to the applicant.
NOTE: Only Volunteers working with Vulnerable Groups are eligible for a free Police Check

To obtain a Police Check for Paid Staff (i.e. pastors, office workers, etc) or other Volunteer Workers the above process applies except in the following areas:
CATEGORY – Tick Box “Employment/Probity/Licensing”.
CHECK TYPE – Tick Box “Individual (I)” OR Tick box “Individual Concession (IC)” OR Tick box “Volunteer (VP)”. (See information below taken from SA Police Website re concession).
Note: If “Volunteer (VP)” is selected, please ensure the church fills in the “VOLUNTEER (Reduced Fee) section on the second page.
COST –  Cash/cheque made out to SA Police $60.50 (Individual) or $41.75 (Individual concession) or $37.50 (Volunteer).
These applications can taken directly to a Police Station for processing (as long as payment is included).

Concession Criteria: Applicant must provide proof of financial disadvantage by providing a copy of at least one of the following attached to their application: Current State concession, Student Identification, Pensioner Health Benefits of Concession cards issued by State or Commonwealth Government Departments. Evidence of receipt of one of the following Government assistance payments (not more than 4 weeks ago): Commonwealth unemployment, sickness benefits or State finance assistance. Total and permanent disability pensioner assistance. Centrelink payments; Crisis Payment, Special Benefit Payment, or Exceptional Circumstances Relief Payment.