Evangelism Equippers Network

Beautiful FeetThe message of God’s kingdom is great news and our churches and their members have the high privilege of being bearers of it! This is not always an easy task, nor is it always done well. And even when done well, it is not always well received. Nevertheless, we believe the message is for all people everywhere, and we are committed as a movement to being clear communicators of Jesus and his message.

The Evangelism Equippers Network is a learning community of leaders from among our churches, whose role (formal or informal) it is to serve their church by motivating, equipping and organising members for more effective evangelism. By meeting and praying together, comparing notes, sharpening ideas, discovering and sharing resources, we aim to become ever more effective in our roles as leaders.

2018 meeting dates are yet to be finalised – stay tuned. To express interest, contact our Church Development Facilitator Andrew Turner at aturner@sabaptist.asn.au