What Is 4D?


The purpose of the 4D Strategy is to cultivate all our leaders for God’s ministry and mission

Vision / Outcomes

Under God, what we see when leaders are inspired, encouragement equipped and empowered for God’s ministry is:

  • A Learning Culture
    • People and communities collaborating and learning together
  • Gathered leaders
    • Gathered leaders inspired, encouraged and empowered by God
  • Intentional Development
    • People taking up intentional growth with clear learning and vocational pathways
    • Increasing numbers of people involved in godly leadership in our churches
  • Effective Resourcing
    • In a changing and demanding world, equipped and resourced leaders released into their full ministry potential
    • Churches best equipped for mission and ministry
  • Empowering Leadership
    • Inspired and motivated leaders who empower their churches for God’s ministry and mission
    • Leaders inspired and encouraged to develop leaders


  1. Kingdom perspective: we equip not just for our Churches, but for all of God’s work in our world
  2. Our family of churches
  3. Empowering people
    • Inclusive: allowing for different levels of learning ability, along with generational, culture, gender and other social norms
    • Developing all kinds of leaders
    • Holistic: whole of life formation
  4. Learning in Communities where we grow in doing our best
  5. A dynamic interaction of theory and practice
  6. Partnering with others for greater Kingdom of God impact


4 Dimensions of Development

4D - one discovering People are given opportunity to discover their gifts and abilities;

4D - two discerning As gifts and abilities are discovered, people are empowered to discern how God is calling them to contribute to His world;

4D - three developing Given their calling, leaders are developed as competent persons equipped for ministry;

4D - four deepening Leaders who are equipped for ministry continue to need deepening personally, professionally and spiritually.

 Cultivating 4D Formation