Youth & Young Adult Ministries

Next Gen Facilitator – Beth Hoy

In working as a Youth Pastor and Chaplain since 2008, Beth brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the role of Next Gen Facilitator for Baptist Churches of SA.


Group of YouthSA Baptist Youth

Wholeheartedly following Jesus is the centre focus for our youth ministries. Whatever youth ministry you visit, large or small – we hope you will notice this focus. Young people finding out who they really are in Jesus is also one of our main aims. And we think all that young people following Jesus  can make a real difference in our world – for the better.

Because wholeheartedly following Jesus is our centre focus, we must engage with the community around us. Jesus turns our attention to the world he loves, the world he died for. We know we live in a broken, fractured world. We don’t want to just look out for ourselves but to be part of God’s healing of our world.

We would love you to join us or connect with one of our youth ministries.