May 15th, 2021

9:00am – 3:30pm

Blackwood hills baptist CHURCH

72 Coromandel Parade, Blackwood SA 5051

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Calling all church leaders and volunteers! RENEW is going to be a deeply valuable time of discipleship, fellowship and leadership development. A jam-packed day awaits, with sessions from keynote speaker Graham Hill, joined by co-author Grace Ji-Sun Kim. Hear incredible stories from within our movement in our new “GODx Talks”, and get equipped with valuable electives from a range of church leaders.

Our newsfeeds are filled with inequality, division, and fear. A pandemic has ravaged the world and changed the way we do church and ministry. We want to make a difference and see justice and healing restored because Jesus calls us to be a peacemaking, healing, and reconciling people. But how do we do this?

Our keynote speaker Graham Hill will offer Christian practices that can bring healing and hope to a broken world. Graham has invited his co-author Grace Ji-Sun Kim to join us for one session as they share about their book, “Healing Our Broken Humanity”. In this conference, Graham and Grace will provide nine ways to transform society, including lament, reconciliation, peacemaking, relinquishing power, and more. Embodying these practices enables us to show the world Jesus’s justice, peace, and love.

Grace and Graham’s book “Healing Our Broken Humanity” won Outreach Magazine’s 16th Annual Resource of the Year award. In this conference, they will help pastors and ministry teams explore practices for revitalizing the church and renewing the world. With a range of speakers sharing, live worship and diverse electives, let’s gather with volunteers and leaders across our family of churches and discover here how to bring real change to a hurting world.






Graham Joseph Hill

Keynote Speaker


Graham Joseph Hill is the Principal of Stirling Theological College (University of Divinity) in Melbourne, Australia. Graham has planted and pastored churches and been in theological education for over twenty years. He is the author or editor of ten books including “Holding Up Half the Sky”, “Hide This in Your Heart” (co-authored with Michael Frost), and “Healing Our Broken Humanity” (co-author with Grace Ji-Sun Kim). Graham also directs

Grace Ji-Sun Kim

Guest Speaker


Grace Ji-Sun Kim received her her Ph.D. from the University of Toronto and is Professor of Theology at Earlham School of Religion. Kim is the author or editor of 20 books, most recently, “Hope in Disarray” and “Keeping Hope Alive”. She is a co-editor for the Palgrave Macmillan Book Series, “Asian Christianity in the Diaspora”. Connecting with us from Pennsylvania, Kim will share alongside Hill on “Healing Our Broken Humanity”, the book they co-authored. 


Renewing Church & Mission: Lessons from the Global Church

Graham Hill


Speaker Bio

Graham Joseph Hill is the Principal of Stirling Theological College (University of Divinity) in Melbourne, Australia. Graham has planted and pastored churches and been in theological education for over twenty years. He is the author or editor of ten books including “Holding Up Half the Sky”, “Hide This in Your Heart” (co-authored with Michael Frost), and “Healing Our Broken Humanity” (co-author with Grace Ji-Sun Kim). Graham also directs


John Beasy & Julie Lawrie


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Renewing our churches and healing our world through good governance

How do we as church leaders overlay the legal requirements of governance with Scripture’s framework for governance? Good governance leads to healthy organizational life and allows for release and renewal across every level of church life. Good governance at its simplest is understanding who we are and why we exist.

This session will look at both our Godly mandate to model good governance in our church, and the practical steps we can also take as leaders to ensure we address a few common requirements.

  • Finding, training, retaining, and succession of good Church Council Members
  • A quick look at good stewardship in a governance context
  • Debating well – some ways to help you and your Church Council dialogue well around difficult issues

Speaker Bio

As a Christian for most of her life, Julie has been blessed to be a part of congregations at Salisbury Baptist Church, Rostrevor Baptist Church and Clovercrest Baptist Church, as well as enjoying a Reformed Evangelical fellowship in California for a few years.

A marketing, communications and governance professional, Julie regularly links her professional & academic training with serving in ministry.  From a staff role at Clovercrest Baptist, serving as Vice Chair of the Baptist World Aid Board, to currently running her own marketing consultancy company, and sitting in the Chair role with Baptist Care SA (in addition to a range of other ministry roles), Julie daily encounters the intersect of governance in today’s world and Biblical living.

John Beasy was the Senior Pastor at Enfield Baptist Church for 24 years, and is currently the Pastor Emeritus EBC. John served the Baptist Movement at local, State, National and global levels across a range of leadership roles, including State President (BCSA) for three terms and National President Australian Baptist Ministries for three terms from 2008-2015. John currently serves the Baptist World Alliance on the Global National Council, Executive, HR and Constitution and By Laws, and as a member on the special BWA Global task group on future governance directions.

Spiritual Refreshment

Janine Coad


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Quiet Spaces

The journey inward partners with the journey outward; they strengthen each other.   This elective is an invitation, and an opportunity, to retreat into a quiet place for silent reflection and attentiveness to the movement of your heart.

Speaker Bio

Janine Coad is a practicing spiritual director and facilitator of quiet days and retreats.   She is passionate about encouraging others to explore and discover ways they can relate to God and grow in their faith.  Janine brings a life-time Christian journey experience with the last 30 years focused in the area of Spiritual direction and Christian practices.   In 2020 she completed a Diploma of Theology as part of her own spiritual formation.  Janine has served across a range of ministry areas in rural and metropolitan churches and currently worships at Rostrevor Baptist Church.

Discipleship, Evangelism & Community Engagement

Andrew Turner


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Renewing our churches: connecting evangelism, worship and discipleship

Who goes fishing and doesn’t take a bucket? Maybe someone like me who doesn’t like seafood. This elective will explore what it means for a church to want people like God wants them and so become an open and adopting church. Church is nicer and easier when it’s full of mature believers. This is increasingly true of many BCSA churches where 80% of the congregation have been believers for 20+ years. How do we make room for new spiritual babies and spiritual toddlers in our church families? Where do (these) babies come from? And why would we want that hassle?

Speaker Bio

Andrew is the Director of Crossover at Australian Baptist Ministries, and author of Taking the Plunge, Fruitful Church and the Sacred Agents blog. He doesn’t like coffee, alcohol, seafood, soccer, curmudgeonly people who dislike good things, or hypocrites.


Riley Smith


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We’ve probably heard the saying, “When it comes to Christian ministry, we need to keep the main thing the main thing.” Good advice. But what exactly is the main thing? For Dallas Willard at least (and Jesus for that matter – helpful!), “…making disciples is the main task of the church…” (The Great Omission). In other words for youth ministry, seeing Christ take his form in young people, that they would be people who orient their lives around being with Jesus, becoming like Jesus, and doing what Jesus did. But, how do we do it? Come join the conversation.

Speaker Bio

Riley is married to Naomi and joined the Victor Harbour Baptist Church staff team in 2016 as the Family Ministries Pastor. His role is to oversee the family ministries in the life of the church to see young people and families grow in faith, share life together as a community, and live as authentic followers of Jesus in our context. He loves long distance running (a full marathon is the goal!), playing and listening to music and of course…coffee!


Tash Pillay


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Come hear about the vision and passion God has placed in the heart of our team for the children and families at Rostrevor Baptist Church. What can we do as we come alongside the next generation to bring renewal and healing to our churches? What does renewal and healing of the church mean in the context of the next generation?

Speaker Bio

Tash, wife to Indhran, is a mum of three and the Children’s and Families Pastor at Rostrevor Baptist Church. Previously the Early Years coordinator at Rostrevor, Tash moved to Adelaide from South Africa in 2009. Though Australia is her home now, her heart will always beat to the rhythm of the African drum. She loves cooking, reading, dancing and playing!


Jason Hoet & Miranda Dixon


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Worship that invites us into God’s healing and renewal.

When Saul experienced great terrors, it was David’s music that brought his spirit solace (1 Ki 16:14-23). Could the music and worship of our faith play a part in stilling the terrors for our age? In this workshop, learn together how our gathered worship moves from performance towards the Spirit of God’s opportunity to bring healing and renewal. Importantly, learn how to do this with the people and talents God has given you.

Speaker Bio

Jason & Miranda serve as Pastors at Unley Park Baptist. They both bring years of reflection and experience leading worshipping communities across a range of contexts. While there are many points of strong agreement, there is a diversity to their style and practice. We think this diversity offers a range of helpful approaches for worshipping communities.


Geoff Adams & Mark LeCornu


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The ‘Finance Function’ of the Church
• Can we define it and what is its role?
• Casting vision through the Church finance function?
• Bringing a strategic edge to finance in the Church.

Getting the detail right
• An overview of Pastoral remuneration and compliance issues.
• GST common mistakes and BAS reporting.
• Using technology to your advantage.


1. What’s on the radar of the ACNC
2. Important considerations for the employment of Religious Practitioners

Speaker Bio

Mark is Managing Director of MRL Group Chartered Accountants, a small business services and advisory firm in Adelaide. Mark and his team have served as the Auditor of Baptist Churches SA for a number of years and provide advice to the movement on a range of matters, including COVID-19 government support in the last year. Mark is a passionate husband of Renee and Father to their three young children. The family is actively involved at Richmond Baptist Church. His vocational passions are supporting organisations and enterprises that reflect Kingdom values and re-thinking conventional approaches to providing professional services.

Geoff Adams LLB. BA. (Juris) is the Managing Director of Tri-meridian Corporate & Commercial Law Pty Ltd, a boutique law firm based in Adelaide. Geoff acts for commercial entities, large and medium sized not-for-profit organizations (including many registered charities and churches), business owners, accounting firms and financial planners, as well as young emerging entrepreneurs.

Geoff’s knowledge of the law and breadth of experience enables him to provide pragmatic, practical advice and deliver effective ‘faith-sensitive’ solutions to assist business owners and governing bodies better understand their obligations and safely navigate the increasingly complex range of business and governance issues. Geoff and his wife Rochelle (of 35 years) have 4 Adult children and fellowship at Parkside Baptist Church.



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