Affiliate membership

Becoming an affiliate member

Since there are some aspects of our movement that fall outside what we consider to be a Baptist church, we have created the opportunity for Affiliate Membership. The objective of this form of Membership is to enable us to appropriately support and encourage such work of God that sits outside, or on the fringes of, our framework as a movement of local Baptist Churches.

There are two streams of Affiliate Membership:
(a) Church plants yet to reach sufficient capacity to be a Member Church and missional initiatives that intend to become church plants, and
(b) Ministries that are not and have no intention of becoming churches

A constituted, functioning and capable church cannot be an Affiliate Member. Such an entity either qualifies as a Baptist Church and hence for Membership, or for other reasons is considered inappropriate to be in a Membership relationship with BCSA.

To be eligible for Affiliate Membership a ministry must meet certain requirements of the BCSA Constitution. See the full policy below for more details.

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