And Some … Evangelists

By on September 14, 2015

Author – Roger Carswell // Price ~$17 at Book Depository
Review by John Bethell (Travellers Well Church Pt Augusta)

Roger Carswell is an evangelist from the UK. The book doesn’t disclose his denominational background, if any, but is published by Christian Focus Publications in Scotland (in 2000) with a clearly evangelical flavour. 185 pages.

The subtitle “growing your church through discovering and developing evangelists” summarises Carswell’s manifesto that the church should be looking for, training, using, and financially supporting evangelists in the local church rather than merely seeing evangelists as an itinerant ministry visiting in hit-and-run fashion from outside. His description of the heart of an evangelist is the best thing I’ve ever read on Christian ministry, and expounding on the calling and work of an evangelist is the guts of the book. Carswell expects evangelists to be of high character and holiness, dependent on the Holy Spirit in their ministry.

The book considers biblical, historical, and strategic aspects of evangelism, as well as temptations evangelists face, applicable to any time and culture including our own.