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Intercultural Ministries

A cultural transformation

South Australian census data reports that a quarter of us were born overseas. About 45 percent of us have at least one parent who was born overseas. There is a cultural transformation occurring, which is also being reflected within our Baptist churches and ministries.

Over ten percent of our churches and congregations worship in a language other than English. Our vision is that Baptist Churches SA would continue to grow as a healthy, culturally, and linguistically diverse (CALD) movement.

Darryl Bishop, our Intercultural Ministries Facilitator, can be contacted on (08) 8357 1755 or through our contact form

Our team is available to assist in:

Facilitating connections

  • Journeying with CALD groups who are exploring deeper connections with our Baptist movement.
  • Growing partnerships between our Anglo churches and CALD churches, congregations and fellowships.

Cultivating leaders

  • Ongoing awareness and development of cultural competence amongst all our pastors and leaders.
  • Formation, equipping, training, and empowerment of pastors and leaders within our CALD churches.

Advocating mission

  • Increased understanding of specialised missional and ministry opportunities with people from non-Anglo backgrounds and/or second-generation Australians.
  • Equipping both CALD & Anglo Churches to develop creative models of multicultural ministry and interaction with first and second-generation Australians.

Resourcing CALD churches

  • Accessing and implementing the resources and services of Baptist Churches SA’s  Ministry and Operation teams including church development, healthy governance, child safe and professional standards, finance and administration.
  • Introduction to services provided by our affiliate organisations including Baptist Financial Services, Baptist Insurances Services, BaptistCare SA, Baptist World Aid and Baptist Mission Australia