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Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Ministries

A cultural transformation

With recent Census data reporting that a quarter of South Australians were born overseas and 45 percent of us having one or both parents born overseas, there is a cultural transformation occurring which is also being reflected within our Baptist churches and ministries.

Part of Baptist Churches SA’s vision is to see us continuing to grow as a healthy, culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) movement.

Darryl Bishop, our CALD Ministry Facilitator, can be contacted on (08) 8357 1755 or though our contact form

The team are available to assist in:

Facilitating connections

  • The development and maintenance of high-quality relationships with our CALD pastors and leaders.
  • Strengthen further the relationships between our Anglo churches and CALD churches, congregations and fellowships.
  • Journeying with CALD groups who are exploring a connection with our Baptist movement.

Cultivating leaders

  • The formation, development, equipping and empowerment of pastors and leaders in CALD churches. This includes pathways towards recognition and accreditation for pastors whose first language is not English.

Advocating mission

  • Increased understanding of the specialized missional and ministry opportunities with people from non-Anglo backgrounds and/or second-generation Australians.
  • Both CALD & Anglo Churches assisted and equipped to develop appropriate models of multicultural ministry and interaction with first and second generation Australians.

Resourcing CALD churches

  • Build awareness and utilisation of the resources of the BCSA ministry team, services and networks.
  • Implementation of appropriate BCSA policies which includes building healthy governance structures and administration capacity.