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Hi Friends,
It’s Cecil the Sheep here. I’ve teamed up with Carl Collins and the Baptist Church Mob to put together some resources for your Child Protection Strategy. Here’s what you’ll find in the pack that will be delivered to your church in October 2018:
Three nifty Posters
Grab some blu-tack or six inch nails and whack these posters up all around the church. We want to make sure parents, kids and everyone else see them.
Leaders Lanyards and Name Tags
We tried to find pictures that resembled your leaders to put on the name tags. If your leaders don’t look anything like our pictures then stick on a picture that does. There are lanyard name tags and ‘pin&clip’ name tags for you to choose from.
Children’s Name Tags
If your kids haven’t made their own name tags, you might like to use these snazzy sheep tags. While sheep normally have ear tags, we recommend pinning the name tags to the child’s clothing.
PowerPoint Slides
Once you’ve paid your registration fee, you can download the Powerpoints then pop them on the screen during the church notices.

Help! We need more posters, lanyards and nametags!

The various nametags and sign-up sheets can be downloaded from the child protection portal. Just type in the names, print them off and cut them out. Easy!
You can also order more posters and lanyards.


Once you’ve paid registration you can order more posters and lanyards, access PowerPoint slides and printable downloads. Your registration covers access to the Child Protection Resources for a whole year! Registration is based on how many children (aged 0-17) are involved at your church.

  • Up to 25 children – $50
  • 26 to 75 children – $75
  • 75+ children – $100

Register now to access the digital resources