Child Safety

The Office of Professional Standards for the Baptist Churches SA operates under the absolute belief that Churches should be safe places where people of all ages not only feel, but as far as humanly possible are safe.

Churches must be places of integrity, accountability and transparency.  In South Australia, ministers, staff and persons appointed to key leadership roles within churches are held highly accountable, and are responsible to operate under a strict Code of Conduct.  This code directly relates to misconduct along with the response and management of inappropriate behaviour within the church community/environment.

The Office of Professional Standards manages this code.  Any person who has a complaint about a minister, staff member or person appointed to a key leadership role within an Baptist Churches SA Church is encouraged to make a confidential  complaint to either the State Executive Minister, or the Independent Director of Professional Standards.  Under the direction of the State Executive Minister the Independent Director of Professional Standards has the mandate to investigate referred matters of alleged misconduct.  Where a criminal offence has, or is thought to have occurred, the matter will in every instance be reported to the police.  Any internal investigation will be placed on hold pending the outcome of a criminal investigation.

The office of Professional Standards is also responsible for the oversight, specialist training and implementation of child protection strategies.

Carl Collins was appointed the Independent Director of Professional Standards for the Baptist Churches SA in May 2006, entering into a unique and significant agreement being responsible for the management and oversight of Professional Standards within the organization.

Carl is a former child protection investigator and prosecutor and was the associate minister at the Marion Church of Christ-Adelaide.

This appointment reflects an absolute commitment by the Baptist Churches of SA to ensure high quality professional standards across the entire organization in relation to Codes of Conduct, Ethical Standards and Child Protection.

Carl is a Co-Director of CACET Global (Child Abuse Consultancy Education and Training),
As part of a unique contractual agreement with the Baptist Churches SA, Carl and the resources of CACET Global provide three levels of specialist child protection training, and two levels of Code of Conduct (Professional and Ethical Standards) training to all Baptist Churches SA churches.



  • Level 1 Accredited Mandatory Notification Training incorporating Understanding & Responding to Child Abuse and Sexual Exploitation – “Making the Church Safe” (For pastors, key leaders and all child/youth personnel)
  • Level 2 Child Protection – Systems and response structures (For Pastors/Staff/Board members/Elders)
  • Level 3 Child Protection -update/refresher training(for those who have completed level 1)


  • Level 1 Code of Conduct – Professional/Ethical standards (for Pastors/Staff/Board members/Elders)
  • Level 2 Code of Conduct – Update/refresher/additional training(for those who have completed level 1)


  • 24 hour  – 7 day a week crisis response consultancy.The management of infiltrated churches.
  • The investigation of alleged breaches of ethical/professional standards by pastors, staff and appointed leaders.
  • The ongoing review of Professional Standards policies and procedures.
  • For specific standards, systems, response and investigative procedures refer to Baptist Churches SA Duty of Care/Professional Standards and Child Protection policies and documents


In addition to the above training programs the Director of Professional Standards, from time to time engages other organisations/consultants to provide additional training and seminars.