Church Contributions

The financial support of the churches helps fund the Baptist Churches of South Australia ministries and services to our local churches and is vital enabling us to outwork our prime aim to “encourage, support, influence and extend the life and mission of the churches”.

With this support we are able to continue to provide a wide range of resources and ministry support to all our pastors and congregations.  These include:

  • Provision of many and varied opportunities for our Pastors to be nurtured, supported and challenged in their ministry – through pastor networks, special events, visitation, resources and prayer. Our Church Development Facilitator has been at work interacting with the churches in seeking how best to develop healthy missional communities.
  • Our Administration Team comprises the Centre Manager, Business & Systems Manager, Accountant, Insurance Manager and Receptionist.  All of them perform their respective roles practically and with dedication.  This includes building relationships, promoting and providing the services of the Baptist Churches of SA  and ensuring that compliance matters are adhered to, just to name a few.
  • Active progress towards the development of professional and ethical standards education and facilitation in our churches, and a growing capacity for churches to respond to identified cases of abuse in an appropriate and timely manner. The churches contributions are vital to support these and other initiatives on behalf of the churches.

This financial support from the churches to the Baptist Churches of SA can be sent as a cheque to:
Baptist Churches of South Australia
PO Box 432
Unley SA 5061

Download Remittance Advice Form

If you have any question, please contact
Bridget Townsend