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Recommended resources



Church Communications during a global pandemic – Blog Post

Guide to LIVE Streaming for churches – a great explainer video on setting up a livestream

Church Online Platform – free software for livestreaming church

Cheapest Live Stream set up for churches – recommendations for affordable gear to set up a live stream from $250

Creating guest experiences (COVID-19 edition) – A recording of a Zoom chat with church communicators on welcoming visitors during COVID-19

Ideas for battling screen fatigue – Blog post

Recommended Websites

Church Media Drop – Find free media including graphics and bumper videos, shared by other churches

Creation Swap – Find free and paid church media assets uploaded by churches from all over the world

Pro Church Tools – A never-ending supply of church communications tips and resources. You can follow along with the blog, podcast or Youtube channel

Church Motion Graphics – Motion background packs, Photoshop templates, social media kits, and time-saving graphic downloads

Lightstock – Download Christian stock photos, vectors and footage. You can create a free account and receive a free photo once a week

Church Juice – short and sweet info on church communications

Your Church Website

Back to Basics: Church Websites 101 – Blog Post 

Top 25 Church Websites of 2019 – Blog post round up of some excellent inspiration and ideas from churches al over the world 

Squarespace – a simple website builder to help beginners create a website that looks great on any device

Divi – this is an affordable plugin and/or theme builder that you can use with your WordPress site to make it a drag-and-drop builder (we use Divi on our website!)

Nucleus – a website builder that helps you create an online hub specifically for churches (a little more pricey but simplifies things a lot!)

Graphic Design

Canva – An incredible free online graphic design program. Access thousands of pre-made templates and customise them, and create anything from a Facebook post to new business cards.
You can also get their pro plan for free if you send them proof of your not-for-profit status.

Unsplash – Avoid copyright issues and find beautiful stock photos on Unsplash

Creative Market – Download 6 free design resources each week, plus find millions of ready-to-use design resources fit for a tight budget


Content Marketing for Churches – a short blog post with ideas to repurpose content you’re already creating

Church Metrics – a free app to help you track attendance and data at your church


That Church Conference – a online conference for church communicators across the world

Church Marketing Conference – A free online conference in September that will help your church build a marketing plan


Free resources

Download the ‘Ultimate Easter Kit’ from Church Marketing University for graphics, email and text templates, bumper videos, Facebook Ad campaigns and more!


Christmas Ad Pack – A Facebook Ad strategy to invite your community to your Christmas events