Easter Camp Online 2020

Making the decision to cancel Easter Camp 2020 was really tough. But something we love about camp is that it is not just a physical gathering and event, but has a greater sense of community and commitment to the formation of those who participate. To keep the spirit of Easter Camp alive for 2020, the Easter Camp Core Team, State Vision Team and Next Gen Ministry Facilitator have created this online resource for you. Our prayer is that through this resource, you will be blessed and strengthened and grow closer to not only our precious, loving Father but each other as well.

To engage with the Easter Camp Online content through the booklet (DOWNLOAD HERE), a link will be provided for each item in the program. If you are viewing this document on a computer or smart device, you will be able to click directly on the link to open up the content. If you printed out this booklet, you will need to type the link into the URL bar of your internet browser. Additionally, all content will be made available live in our Easter Camp Online Facebook Event, which you can access here:


There will be interactive sessions in the Facebook Event where you can chat to fellow campers, post photos and participate in games and competitions, so even if you prefer to follow the program through this booklet (which we think is awesome and creates a great momento if you print it), make sure you check in on the Facebook Event at some point each day to join the interactive action!

BONUS INCLUSION: Follow the daily link in the black star for our worship playlist. These songs have been prayerfully selected to help us to reflect and worship during each different day of Easter. Sing along, or listen silently, have it in the background while you go about your tasks, and let God speak to you through song.

So whether you are riding this solo, reading together as partof a 20-person Zoom video, or discussing over group chat, let’s get started on this Easter Journey together!


10 - 13 Apr 2020


All Day

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