Ethics Journey Seminar

Our discussion will focus on ethics and has the theme  “Do we always/ever have the right to think we are right?”

Our facilitator is Tania Leiman. Tania is a lawyer, legal academic, and has served as the legal member of Ethics Review Boards at two universities and in the public sector reviewing government human research. She is co-author of Integrating Human Service Law, Ethics and Practice (Oxford University Press, 4th ed, 2016). She researches and teaches on the intersection between law and emerging technologies, in particular automated vehicles and artificial intelligence.

Our discussion is an invitation to explore some big questions:  What narrative do we typically carry about the ‘rightness’ and ‘righteousness’ of our Christian faith and Christian worldview? How does that influence how we respond to current ethical issues?  Is it possible that we don’t hold the “high ground” on some  issues? What might this mean for how we connect with our community? Who do we characterise some as ‘other’? How do we navigate an ethical path forward in a complex and rapidly changing world? Let’s get together and chat!

Please note this event will not be recorded. Thank you for your understanding.


23 Mar 2021


9:30 am - 12:30 pm
West Beach Community Church


West Beach Community Church
614 Burbridge Rd, West Beach SA 5024
Baptist Churches of South Australia


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