Catherine Rogers

Catherine Rogers has been serving in Cambodia since July 2009.

Catherine RogersInitially focussed on full time cultural and language learning, Catherine relocated to north-west Cambodia in 2011 to join the team of a small non-government organisation (NGO) focused on sport, education and development. Through activities including volley ball, football, mentoring, English teaching, Kids Club and working at a Drug Detention Centre, she has been privileged to journey with children, young people and their families in the stories of their lives. In the process, God has continued to peel back the layers and teach Catherine more of His grace, mercy and compassion.

In late 2013, the NGO wrapped up its work, successfully handing over a number of sports and education activities to be run by local Khmer people.

With a background in social work and social policy, Catherine is excited to be working alongside team members in exploring new ministry opportunities in north-west Cambodia. She is passionate about sharing God’s stories with people and about journeying with them as they learn and grow in Him, and she is looking forward to seeing Him continue to work out His transformation in this amazing land.