Hoa Stone

Hoa , serving in Vietnam.hoa stoneHoa has been serving with Global Interaction for almost 15 years. Hoa was orphaned as a child during the Vietnam war. He also has a physical disability (polio) and walks with the aid of crutches. Hoa has a dynamic ministry among people whose life experiences are similar to his own.

He is the director of Company of Grace, an organisation focusing on providing a better, brighter future for children with physical disabilities, offering them education and vocational training and rehabilitation. The long-term goal is to equip them for leadership roles within the project.

He also helps disadvantaged and marginalised people in his local area to find ways through which their lives can be improved.

Hoa tries to express love in all that he does. As a result he has many opportunities to answer people’s questions about life and about his own personal journey.