Honest Evangelism

By on September 14, 2015

Author – Rico Tice, Carl Laferton.  //  Price ~$15 at Book Depository
Review by John Bethell (Travellers Well Church Pt Augusta)

Rico Tice is Associate Minister at All Souls Langham Place, London (where John Stott was long-term rector) and author-presenter of the “Christianity Explored” video course. He’s worked as an evangelist at All Souls since 1994.

Published this year, this short book “Honest evangelism” (100 pages) is the most inspiring and helpful look at evangelism I’ve read in a long time. The sub-title “How to talk about Jesus even when it’s tough” is a fair guide to the content. “Honest” in the title refers to being yourself, but also being honest about the opposition that we may encounter, the idols that stop us from evangelising, the difficulty of evangelism within contemporary UK culture, the need to “cross the painline” (and that for most people, there is a “painline” to cross), and the hard truths of the gospel and of hell. The flip side, though, is honesty about the hunger that exists in people, and the joy of leading people to new life in Jesus.

It covers both the “why” and something of the “how” of evangelism without pretending that we still operate in the 1950s, or 1990s. Highly recommended!