By on February 26, 2015

Exilio Study Book: Ignition
By Mark Sayers, Michael Frost
~$10 at Koorong
Short course for training in mission, best for small groups.

Ignition is for people who want to discover effective and biblical ways of sharing the gospel within a culture in the midst of massive change. It is for people who want to understand the missional nature of God and desire to move their faith to an ‘action’ footing. Ignition is for people who want to live the message of Jesus outside the four walls of Sunday Christianity.

Ignition is a group-based, action-reflection learning experience. Participants gather in groups of no more than ten people. The group meets weekly for one hour over a period of twelve weeks. In each of these weekly meetings participants will:

– Learn missional principles

– Explore the Book of Acts

– Reflect upon the previous week’s missional experiment

Ignition introduces Christians to mission in the place where we live – the emerging global culture. After each gathering, each group participant is assigned weekly missional tasks (approximately one and a half hours per week) in a context chosen by you, the participant. This context is called a missional experiment.

A missional experiment can be:

Sharing the gospel with a friend

Studying a subculture / ethnic group / area for mission

Building relationships at your local sporting club

Volunteering at a soup kitchen

Starting a missional community

Or anything in between

The missional experiment is about spending time listening to those who are yet to become followers of Jesus, and beginning a process of sharing God’s love with them through actions and words.

Each Ignition meeting is based around the concept of action and reflection. Therefore, for Ignition to work, participants must come to the weekly meeting already having fulfilled their weekly task.