Long Service Leave

The Ministers’ Long Service Leave Fund was established on 1 January 1980 to provide the benefits of Long Service Leave for persons employed in pastoral ministry in churches within the Baptist Churches of SA.
Levies are paid by churches to the Baptist Churches of SA to provide for the provision of Long Service Leave to pastors and church workers. The entitlements can be transferred from on church to another, including interstate. The levies are paid by the churches, at a lower rate than the pay out, with the accumulation of interest providing funds for payouts to fund members at the recommended salary package rate.

  • The Ministers’ Long Service Leave Rules set out the Rules and Regulations of this Fund.
  • The Ministers’ Long Service Information Sheet sets out the levy that needs to be paid by the church for their pastors in their employment in each financial year. This depends on the each individual and the level of stipend they are on. This levy changes every year in accordance with the Recommended Ministers Salary Package.
  • The Ministers’ Long Service Employment Details Form is fill out by the participation churches in the month of May and returned by the 31st May with payment every year.

If you have any questions, please contact

Bridget Townsend
ph 08 8357 1755
em: btownsend@sabaptist.asn.au

LSL Policy

LSL Calculations Sheet 2018

LSL Employment Details Form 2018

LSL Payment Information Sheet
(This is information that was presented by Peter Beck, Rostrevor Baptist Church, at the Admin & Finance Summit #2 on 30 May 2016)