Mobilising Small Groups

By on August 20, 2014

Reuben Salagaras – Baptist Chaplain to the University of Adelaide and a Staffworker with Evangelical Students, a Christian student group at the university.

How can small groups be used to mobilise our people for mission?

Explore practical approaches to:

  • Encourage and equip people to bear witness to Jesus.
  • Create opportunities to explore and choose faith in small group contexts
  • Bring a missional mindset to all of our small groups – get mission on the radar and keep it there!

Reuben was significantly impacted by the gospel while studying engineering and law at Adelaide University. He has since studied to train for ministry and now has the privilege of sharing, and equipping others to share the life-giving gospel of Jesus with others (especially at the University).

He has lead small groups in many different contexts and has experience in training leaders to grow small group members in depth of faith, godliness and personal witness – wherever God places them in his world.

He is married to Jodie and they have a one year old daughter, Elke.