Church Planting in Adelaide’s Northern Plains

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Many people have low expectations for Adelaide’s outer northern suburbs.  We believe that it is precisely among the marginalised, the overlooked and the poor that God loves to raise up his people.  Where some see bones, He sees an army.  Where others see rust, He sees gold; and longs to see much of it unearthed, shaped, polished and adding to His glory. Our vision is to see these people that are precious to God become all they can be in Him.

We’ve identified 10 mission fields in the northern plains, and our first goal is to establish at least one healthy missional local church in each of these fields. This would require 7* new churches. In time there is plenty of room for a second church in each district.


Church Planting Churches

Our plan is not merely to plant churches around the existing churches, but to plant through them. Each partner church is:

  • Owning a “Fruitful Church” vision to make strong disciples not merely for themselves but in order to parent a new church plant.
  • Refocusing on its own local mission, more actively serving and inviting its own neighbourhood. With more churches across the region the existing ones will no longer simply draw Christians from a distance. This is acting just like the churches we plan to plant.
  • Fostering healthy worship, fellowship and discipleship practices to increasingly be communities where believers can thrive in spiritual development.
  • Becoming a ministry training church invested in intentional leadership and ministry development, with a clear view to church planting.
  • Committing to regional collaboration in prayer, strategy and oversight.

Staying On Track

We’re are serious and focused to see this vision become more than a ‘flash in a pan’. To this extent the Lead Pastors of the partner churches meet monthly with the BCSA Church Development Facilitator as a ‘Board of Reference’ for Northern Gold, and the partner churches meet quarterly for combined prayer, updates and vision.

Calling Others!

All this is certainly not something we can do ourselves! We are taking a big step of faith simply convinced that God is powerfully at work in this region and calling us to be in the thick of it. Seeking and trusting Him, we are inviting other nearby churches, interested individuals, and our Baptist movement across SA to play their part as God’s Spirit prompts them. We are especially looking for leaders who live in this region but currently fellowship and/or minister outside of it, and for others who live outside of the Northern Plains but are open to God’s call to move in as co-missionaries with us. We value the sincere prayers of our brothers and sisters everywhere, and have set up a framework for financial support to boost our investment in emerging pastoral leaders, new congregations and evangelism.

For More Information or to Get Involved

Download Northern Gold brochure

Andrew Turner (BCSA Church Development Facilitator)

Jeff Noble (Northern Regional Minister, Gawler Baptist)

Patrick Garton (Salisbury Baptist)

Denis Hillson (Playford Baptist)

Mark Purser (Clovercrest Baptist)

*Adelaide Chin Christian Church & Zotung Family Church, two other BCSA churches that currently meet in Adelaide’s north, are focused on ministry & mission among particular ethnic communities rather than local neighbourhoods. For this reason they are not marked on the map nor counted as local churches, but are invited to participate as each discerns is best.