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Church Livestreams Australia has listed a number of really useful resources on their website for churches wanting to jump into the Church Online space. There a some double ups with things we’ve already list below, but also some new information which could be quite handy.

Church Livestreams Australia

Ralph Mayhew (pastor and professional photographer) has put together a few “How to …” videos for people wanting to get onto video recording / streaming with limited resources. Check them out…

How to make the best video of yourself when you have no gear.

How to get FREE clear, crisp audio when you video yourself.

How to best light a video of yourself on a budget.

Hillsong Church songs are used in congregations around the world. Because some of our churches may not be able to gather at this time and play music live, Hillsong are enabling churches to use their sound recordings during your streamed church service.

Hillsong Music have put out a streaming infosheet to help you understand what you can use and how copyright licences need to be appropriately applied to their recordings.
Hillsong Music Streaming Infosheet.

Copyright Licencing for Live Streaming

If you are planning to incorporate songs into your church service stream (whether live, prerecorded or playing a YouTube clip), please be aware that the standard CCLI structure DOES NOT ALLOW for the transmission of songs or their words. Other elements like readings, prayer and messages should be OK.

Please refer to the info sheet sent out to churches on 19 March 2020 for more information, or click here to see a copy.

Speaking to someone through a camera is different from speaking in person. One of the biggest obstacles is connecting with the person on the other end of the video. But there are some things we can do to help build a bridge between speaker and viewer.

Karl Faase, the CEO of Olive Tree Media, offers seven tips for better speaking on camera. You can find all seven tips here.

If you’re looking for some simple tips about using online spaces for a small-to-medium church, there are some helpful short videos from a church in Hobart (including how to use Zoom) .

Jake Gosselin is a church worship leader in the US, whose YouTube channel has been created to “teach worship leaders how to lead Gospel-centered, engaging, and tech-savvy worship”. He has recently uploaded a video to help churches get up some basic online resources for their congregation.
Online Church for Beginners

If you are struggling to transition from regular church to livestreaming, or have any general technical questions, Matt Adams, professional AV technician, from Edwardstown Baptist Church, is happy to help out for a small church friendly fee.