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Pastor Networks

How it works

It is demonstrated that regular meetings with a small group of pastors over a protracted period is significant in maintaining long term well being and can be vital in honing our skills in ministry.

The Networks seek to provide a context for this and as a result all people involved in ministry are encouraged to be a part of a network.

The Networks within BCSA vary enormously. Some are geographic, while others are ministry context.  All seek to meet 8-10 times a year for 1-2 hours and include some time in the Word, touching base to encourage and pray for one another and some time to consider a particular ministry ‘issue’.

Each Network has an appointed facilitator who arranges the gatherings and ensures it is significant.

Some of the options for Networks include…


Rural Pastors


Local Geographic gatherings of pastors


Pastors with particular focus


Pastors of Large Churches (over 250)


Networks of people in specific ministry contexts

Youth, Children, Community Engagement, Pastoral Care etc

For more information

Please contact our Pastoral Services Facilitator, Rev Mark Foley