Searching for a pastor

Introducing the BCSA Moderating Service

The BCSA team is committed to helping South Australian Baptist Churches make successful pastoral appointments so that every church can thrive in Jesus, and with him, transform the world.

Our team of BCSA Moderators are available to help guide churches through the important process of pastoral search. A Moderators role is to come alongside a Pastoral Search Team and journey with them through the pastoral search process, providing a steady, independent guiding hand and bringing vital practical experience to the process. It is not the role of a Moderator to select, influence, or appoint a new pastor for your church. Instead, their role is to assist with the best-practice process, to provide advice and resources to help churches work through this season of transition and change.

We strongly recommend churches contact the BCSA office and engage a Moderator at the very beginning of the process prior to the appointment of a Pastoral Search Team by the church leadership. There is no charge for the provision of a Moderator. 

To request a moderator, contact the BCSA office via the button below.

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