Recommended Evangelistic Books

We are building a link library of  books that are helpful for enquirers. If you would like to suggest a book to add to this list, please let us know here

One.Life – Jesus Calls, We Follow
Scot McKnight Category: Discipleship-Evangelism, Vocation Price: ~$17
Blurb: In One.Life, Scot McKnight offers a manifesto of Christian faith that beckons readers out of the rut of religious rituals to the high places of Christian living. What does it look like to follow Jesus? Find out what it means to embrace the vision of God’s kingdom in a way that awakens your finest dreams and shapes your entire life.

Simply Christian – Why Christianity Makes Sense
Author: Tom Wright  Category: Apologetic  Price: ~$15
Blurb: Not since C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity has such a wise and informed leader taken the time to explain what Christianity is and how it is practiced. In Simply Christian, renowned biblical scholar and Anglican bishop N.T. Wright makes a case for Christianity from the ground up. Walking the reader through the Christian faith step-by-step and question by question, Wright’s Simply Christian offers explanations for even the toughest doubt-filled skeptics, leaving believers with a reason for renewed faith.

The Case for Grace: A Journalist Explores the Evidence of Transformed Lives
Author: Lee Strobel  Category: Testimony Apologetic Price: ~$15
The Case for a Creator explored the scientific evidence for God; The Case for Christ investigated the historical evidence for Jesus; The Case for Faith responded to eight major objections about Christianity; The Case for The Real Jesus refuted the current challenges to the Bible and Christ … Now, in The Case for Grace, Lee Strobel crafts a compelling and highly personal experiential case for God, focusing on God’s transforming work in the lives of men and women today. Writing with unusual candor, Lee draws upon his own journey from atheism to Christianity to explore the depth and breadth of God’s redeeming love for spiritually wayward people. He travels thousands of miles to capture the inspiring stories of everyday people whose values have been radically changed and who have discovered the “how” and “why” behind God’s amazing grace. You’ll encounter racists, addicts, and even murderers who have found new hope and purpose. You’ll meet once-bitter people who have received God’s power to forgive those who have harmed them—and, equally amazing, people mired in guilt who have discovered that they can even forgive themselves.

The Jesus Storybook Bible
Sally Lloyd-Jones Category: Children Price: ~$16
The Jesus Storybook Bible tells the Story beneath all the stories in the Bible. At the centre of the Story is a baby, the child upon whom everything will depend. Every story whispers his name. From Noah to Moses to the great King David – every story points to him. He is like the missing piece in a puzzle – the piece that makes all the other pieces fit together. From the Old Testament through the New Testament, as the Story unfolds, children will pick up the clues and piece together the puzzle.

The Reason for God – Belief in an Age of Skepticism
Author: Tim Keller  Category: Apologetic  Price: ~$10
Blurb: Timothy Keller, the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, addresses the frequent doubts that skeptics and non-believers bring to religion. Using literature, philosophy, anthropology, pop culture, and intellectual reasoning, Keller explains how the belief in a Christian God is, in fact, a sound and rational one. To true believers he offers a solid platform on which to stand against the backlash toward religion spawned by the Age of Skepticism. And to skeptics, atheists, and agnostics he provides a challenging argument for pursuing the reason for God.

There is a God – How the World’s Most Notorious Athiest Changed His Mind
Author: Anthony Flew Category: Critique of Athiesm  Price: ~$10
Review by Scott Berry: The book starts with why Flew is so important in the history of modern atheism thus giving weight to his story. The opening 3 chapters are about his background and how he became an atheist. The following 7 chapters go on to explain why he changed his mind, stating that “I must follow where the evidence leads” It finishes with 2 appendices; one critiques the new atheists and their complaints and the final one giving NT Wright a chance to speak on Jesus as God’s self revelation and the importance of the resurrection. The book is in the most part engaging but at times lost me. It’s reasonably academic but does not strike me as brilliant, more just an explanation of why he changed. He is open to Christianity but the books credibility benefits from the fact that he does not to seem to have decided on Christianity for certain but has just turned his back on atheism.