The Walking Together Taskforce exists to deepen meaningful relationships, collate shared theological reflection and develop mutually beneficial partnerships with Aboriginal Berean Community Church, our remote communities, and the Aboriginal Christian community more broadly. The taskforce seeks to inspire non-Aboriginal local churches to listen, learn, respond and act in love and hospitality to Aboriginal Christians in their churches and from across SA & NT. Our invitation to you is to learn with us as we follow Jesus walking together as Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people from across our movement of churches.

We have created an Aboriginal Ministry Support Fund to financially support community development, leadership development and capacity building across SA & NT. We invite individuals and churches from across our movement to invest with us in Aboriginal Ministry and development. The distribution of funds is upon application or by proactive decision of the Taskforce, and is overseen by the Assembly Board of BCSANT. The goal of the fund is to create further opportunities for practical support of Aboriginal ministry, partnerships, community and leadership development and sustainable capacity building for the future.

The Walking Together Taskforce currently includes Pastor Uncle Don Hayward (Aboriginal Berean Community Church), Claire Jenkins (Hills Aldgate), Kerry Davies (Enfield), Jason Hoet (Unley Park), and Elliot Keane (BCSANT).


Pastor Uncle Don Hayward

Aboriginal Berean Community Church

Claire Jenkins

Hills Baptist Aldgate

Kerry Davies

Enfield Baptist

Jason Hoet

Unley Park Baptist

Elliot Keane

Baptist Churches of SA & NT

The Walking Together Taskforce seeks to:

  • Hear and respond to the invitation of Aboriginal communities to walk together.
  • Create space to listen well to and share the stories of our Aboriginal Christian Leaders and communities.
  • Deepen meaningful relationship and opportunities to learn from Aboriginal Berean Community Church, our NT communities, and the Aboriginal Christian Community more broadly.
  • Collate and commission theological reflection on the Gospel and racial injustice and to learn from indigenous theology.
  • Facilitate informed discussion and inspire non-aboriginal church communities to understand the truth about our shared history, white privilege and the rich aspects of Aboriginal Culture.
  • Advocate alongside our Aboriginal communities for BCSA investment, broader community issues and other invitations to support the voice and capacity building of Aboriginal Christian Leaders and communities.



Coming Soon

Check back here for features of what Walking Together is achieving.



This picture depicts two pathways that represent the journey of two cultures – Indigenous and non-Indigenous. Each of the eight circles have a unique meaning. They represent: the state of being one, the nature of unity, the vision of unity, the nuturing of connection, humanity united, a nation of oneness, a vision of oneness, and reconciliation.

The circular symbols on the outer represent all Indigenous nations and the broader Australian community. The colours, red ochre, yellow ochre, orange, yellow and browns represent the country, while the star constellations are associated to ancestors, who are an important spiritual connection. The centre represents the ceremony place of meeting for all cultures.