What we do

We are a movement of local churches, thriving in Jesus, transforming the world

From the Director of Ministries

Baptists have been in formal association for over 150 years here in South Australia because of the conviction that we are better together when it comes to living out and sharing the good news of the Kingdom of God. Together we plant churches, cheer each other on, support one another, equip and accredit leaders and share in the benefits of what we can do in association that we cannot do alone.

Baptist Churches of SA exists for these reasons and the team has – as its purpose – to support, encourage, influence and extend the life and mission of the local church. We name and pray for each church every week.

As a movement we value all people and seek to recognise, affirm and develop those women and men amongst us gifted and called to ministry. Baptist Churches of SA actively seeks to provide leaders across our churches, in all kinds of roles, with the encouragement, skills, resources and, of course, spiritual and personal support they need to be fruitful.

We continually endeavour to provide the most appropriate and effective services, so please engage with what we offer and talk to us about how we might do better.

May you know God’s richest blessing on all that you do as you serve Him and His mission.

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